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Why you should include a scale and polish at your next visit to the dentist

Bacteria-laden plaque is the cause of numerous dental woes, the most significant problems being gum disease and tooth decay. Plaque and tartar are notorious for being resistant to the workings of a regular toothbrush, no matter how good the brand or elbow grease used! The only way to effectively remove these stubborn deposits on teeth enamel is to have them scraped away with special tools used by your dentist in Widnes through a procedure referred to as a scale and polish. The most opportune time to have a scale and polish done is during a dental check-up appointment with your dentist in Widnes.

Dental check-ups offer immense value to the patient, not least because of the preventive measures that can be put in place by your dentist in Widnes to stop worrying signs from escalating into major dental problems.

Why is a scale and polish procedure necessary?

It is not always possible to completely get rid of bad bacteria from the mouth especially since there are those hard-to-reach areas where an ordinary toothbrush cannot reach. It is in these inaccessible nooks and crannies that make for ideal environments where bacteria flourish.

Tooth-destroying bacteria begin to build-up in these areas and start the process of plaque accumulation and eventual calculus deposits – tough deposits formed on enamel that eats away at the outer surface of teeth, if not removed, causing cavities. Through the scaling or scraping part of the scale and polish procedure, the dental practitioner will use specialised dental instruments to remove these deposits from teeth.

Once this is done to the satisfaction of the dentist, the next stage of polishing follows. The purpose of the polishing is to smooth out rough surface areas to prevent future accumulation of plaque. An added benefit to the polishing is that teeth are left looking shiny and bright.

The oral health rewards of a scale and polish treatment

Promotes good gum health

Optimal gum health is easily maintained by making sure they are scrupulously clean of gunk and bacteria, and a scale and polish procedure is one of the best ways to ensure this. This is not a one-off treatment and is required periodically on the advice and guidance of a professional dental practitioner.

Avoids expensive restorative dentistry solutions

Before dental problems can escalate to the point where restorative dentistry becomes the only viable solution, there are many tell-tale signs to warn patients that something is wrong and action needs to be taken. Identifying these tell-tale signs is one of the responsibilities of the dentist during a dental check-up. It is here when a dentist will discuss preventive measures such as the scale and polish to treat the identified problems.

Gets rid of stains

In addition to saving teeth and gums, the scale and polish procedure is also used to remove teeth stains. Teeth can become stained through the everyday consumption of certain foods and beverages and smoking.

Lower the risk of losing your natural permanent teeth or developing gum disease by having a dental check-up with one of our highly-trained dentists at Widnes Dental Practice.


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