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Why you should build a good rapport with your dentist

Are you comfortable with your dentist in Widnes? Are you open and honest in your communication with your dentist in Widnes? Do you have a positive and pleasant patient experience every time to visit your chosen dental practice? Are you confident in reporting pain or discomfort whilst receiving dental treatment? Yes and no answers to all these questions point to the type of relationship you have with your dentist in Widnes and can reveal the quality of dental care you receive.

At Widnes Dental Practice, we place huge importance on building a good rapport with our patients. We believe that the quality of the dentist-patient relationship plays a critical role in motivating patients to take better care of their oral health.

A positive dentist-patient relationship is one that is described as trusting, open, supportive, understanding and based on strong communication. A dentist that showcases these qualities is a good indication of a dental professional that believes in paying personal attention to patients and offering individualised care to improve their dental well-being.

In today’s blog post, we look at some of the reasons why a good dentist-patient relationship matters.

Importance of a good dentist-patient relationship

  • Receive regular dental care

What are the chances you would visit the dentist for regular check-ups if you don’t have a good relationship with the dental practitioner looking after your oral health? The most probable answer is a pretty slim chance. To enjoy life-long dental health, you need those vital routine oral health checks which is why having a good relationship with your dentist is essential.

  • Enjoy a higher-quality dental experience

It is only through being open and honest about your dental needs or smile goals that you can expect an improvement in your dental experience. A dentist can only look at your mouth to determine what issues need addressing, and any other needs or goals you want to achieve need to come from you.

  • Reduced dental anxiety

There has to be a certain level of trust in your dentist to reduce any anxieties you may have about receiving dental care. Open communication is a must in order for you to speak about pain and discomfort you have experienced in the past or during a current dental procedure. You may have other fears such as wanting to avoid a particular treatment option or not wanting a dental instrument used. A good dentist-patient relationship is imperative if you are to have your individual needs met.

Improving your relationship with your dentist is a two-way street. There are expectations you have with your dentist such as quality care, trust, honesty and understanding, but patients also need to be aware that they, too, need to be open and honest about their needs.

The first step in enjoying a good relationship with your dentist is to find the best choice in a dental practitioner. Good listener, empathetic, approachable, and a strong communicator are all qualities that point to a dentist worthwhile visiting.

At Widnes Dental Practice, we enjoy a reputation for building quality relationships with our patients. To find out how we can help you, please call our front desk team today to book an appointment.


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