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Why choose us?

At our dentist in Widnes we pride ourselves on our friendly, professional approach to dentistry. There are a number of reasons why you should choose us to be your dentists and some of these include the fact that we have an experienced team of dentists who have a wealth of experience and provide exceptional care to all our patients. Our dental practice has been recently refurbished to give it a modern and welcoming feel, making it very comfortable, along with pristine, contemporary equipment.

At our dentist in Widnes our members of staff strive to update their clinical knowledge so that our patients can benefit from relevant treatments. We also have a wide range of services and treatments available to our patients that cater to all dental needs and requirements and these are available both on the NHS and privately. People often get frustrated that they are unable to get same day appointments or even same week appointments, however, at our dental practice you will be able to get same day appointments for emergencies and we have evening appointments available until 9pm on certain days.

What services do we offer?

At our dentist in Widnes we have a wide range of services and treatments available to all our patients. General treatments that we offer to our patients include root canal therapy, dental emergency treatment, treating jaw problems, extractions, oral surgery, snoring issues and special care for pregnant women.

We get a number of patients that visit our dental practice that are pregnant. During pregnancy women experience a number of changes and one of the things that gets impacted is dental care. A lot of women experience tooth decay and gingivitis and other dental issues during pregnancy, due to the fact that the body redirects its efforts towards the placenta and the foetus. It is, therefore, even more imperative for women to attend their dental practice during pregnancy to ensure that they can treat their dental issues before they become too serious. Also pregnant women should take advantage of the fact that they are entitled to free dental care during their pregnancy and after they give birth. We ensure that our pregnant patients are properly taken care of, particularly through their difficult times.

We implement preventive dentistry to ensure that we can avoid situations where a problem is not solvable. We deal with sensitive teeth, children’s teeth, dental hygiene, dry mouth, mouth cancer screening and smoking cessation.

What people don’t realise is that smoking is one of the main causes of dental problems and can eventually lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. The harmful toxins in cigarettes damage the teeth and gums and therefore at our practice we promote and encourage people to stop smoking, not only for their general health and wellbeing, but also to protect their teeth from damage.

We also offer cosmetic dental treatments such as orthodontics, veneers, composite bonding, fillings and teeth whitening. If you wish to have any of these services then contact our dental practice and our reception staff will be more than happy to assist you with all your dental needs and requirements.


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