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What treatments and services are available?

Going to the dentist in Widnes is something that a lot of people are afraid of. Some even have a phobia of dentists. This is usually caused by the fact that people see dentists with many tools and fear the unknown. This then causes people to avoid visiting their dentist and ignoring the reminders for their check ups. Ultimately this leads to teeth and gum related issues.

At our dentist in Widnes we offer a wide range of dental treatments to our patients. Our highly skilled professionals are experienced and can deal with all your needs and requirements in a friendly manner.

At our dentist in Widnes there are a wide range of services that are available to our patients. This includes general treatments such as root canal, extractions, fillings, oral surgery, and dental emergencies. We also deal with preventative dentistry which covers healthy gums, fresh breath, dental hygiene, sensitivity and children's teeth. In addition, we now also deal with cosmetic dentistry and provide cosmetic treatments and services to patients. Some of the treatments we offer include orthodontics, composite bonding, veneers, white fillings, inlays and onlays, and teeth whitening.

What do we have for children?

If you have children it is important that you take care of their teeth as soon as their first teeth come through. The reason for this is that it instils good habits into children from a young age. Dental hygiene in children should be made a priority. Dentists have been greatly assisted by children’s programmes and the power of adverts and social media in promoting dental hygiene amongst children.

Often a child will see an advert on the tv or on their iPad or parent’s phone which will promote the latest toothbrush from their favourite programme or movie and this encourages and entices them to want to brush their teeth.

However brushing alone is not sufficient. As parents you should ensure that you supervise your child’s cleaning routine to ensure that they are brushing their teeth effectively and correctly. Often children can be in a rush to get back to the activity they were doing, but it is essential that good habits are instilled so that teeth are given a priority.

Ways in which you can help your children care for their teeth

First and foremost it is important that you register your child with a dentist in Widnes as soon as all their milk teeth have come through. The dentist will then be able to give you regular check up appointments where they will examine the condition of the teeth and ensure that they are being properly maintained.

Make sure your child brushes their teeth every morning and before bedtime. This is to ensure that all bacteria is removed from the teeth each night to avoid the build up of plaque and tartar.

Avoid giving your child too many sugary foods and drinks as this is not only unhealthy for their general well-being but can speed up the process of teeth related problems.


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