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What makes a dentist in Widnes stand out?

A smoothly run, efficient, friendly and well-established dental practice that has been serving Widnes and surrounding areas for over thirty years. Our dentist in Widnes has, over the decades, made the main priority of the entire practice, patient satisfaction. We strive to achieve this by listening to our patients’ requests and concerns and by going out of our way to meet their requirements. In addition our team is continuously updating their clinical knowledge and techniques for the benefit of our patients. The advent of the internet has made patient reviews more visible and we work hard to maintain the standards that our patients expect.

Modern and tranquil

To ensure that our patients feel welcome and are able to relax, we have upgraded our facilities with more modern features, but always designed to provide serenity and tranquility for our visitors. There is no need to feel tense or uncomfortable at our dentist in Widnes, our practice is fitted with all the latest equipment, but in such a way that our patients’ initial response is that it does not feel like a dentist. Exactly the reaction our beautifully designed surgery is meant to elicit..

Wide range of dental treatments

Our dentist in Widnes offers the full range of general dental treatments such as root canals, jaw realignment and treatment to reduce or eliminate snoring. All oral surgery as a result of gum disease, tooth decay or accidents; from extractions to implants. Our team can provide treatment for teeth straightening using invisible aligners. Crowns, bridges and dentures are all procedures our team can advise on and help you decide which will work best for you.

Another service we pride ourselves on in this category is our thorough and careful examination carried out exclusively for pregnant women. We are acutely aware of the fact that a pregnant woman's teeth need to be in the best condition they can be, to avoid developing pregnancy gingivitis or pregnancy granuloma. We offer best advice and where necessary safe and effective treatment for pregnant women.

Our family services are designed to educate the whole family on the need to employ preventive care, by correct regular brushing and overall oral hygiene. Our complete range of cosmetic dentistry is at your disposal and we will professionally whiten your teeth. If you have some mild decay or chipped teeth these can sometimes be simply repaired with a white composite filling which we can apply, that replicates your existing teeth. If however your teeth have sustained damage that cannot be repaired in this way, an inlay or onlay may be the simplest and quickest solution.

Other non-dental treatments

We are committed to providing additional non-dental treatment allowing you to utilise our friendly familiar surroundings for those aesthetic procedures that you would like done without having to go to a new unfamiliar venue.. We have skin and body treatments which allow for tattoos to be professionally removed and body sculpting, laser lipo, chemical peels, facials and much more. The modern dentist is becoming more than just a place to have only your dental problems treated. Our clinically clean treatment rooms allow for additional treatments that require such an environment to safely attend to patients.


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