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Welcome to your dentist in Widnes

From the time that you step over the threshold of our dental practice to the time you depart you will feel the friendly and generous reception that our team will give you. Widnes Dental Practice was recently refurbished to provide all of our patients with an even more relaxed and comfortable place to receive our friendly care and attention. For more than three decades we have had the pleasure of providing local and surrounding residents with our modern brand of dental care.

Well rounded service

Practising for more than thirty years as a dentist in Widnes has allowed us to develop candid and long-lasting relationships with our patients. We believe that it is important to listen to our patients so that we can gain an insight into what they expect from us. Oral hygiene is right at the top of our preventive dentistry agenda. We educate our patients in the correct way to brush and floss their teeth and we guide them about which equipment to use. Our service is not only about repairing your teeth but helping you to retain your teeth for the duration of your life. When your children are young, we want to see them and get them used to being in our friendly surgery. We want to help to eliminate dental anxiety, so the earlier your children can come to us, even with you on your appointments, the better. When we reach the time for their examination they will be relaxed and we can also identify any dental work they may require, early. We also provide safe aesthetic treatments in our treatment rooms.

Our track record is your assurance

When you have been a dentist in Widnes for as long as we have, we must be doing something right and we believe that something is providing the care, respect and level of service that our patients desire. We continue to deliver and listen to your concerns and your recommendations to strive to make your dental practice the best that it can be.

Your team is ready for you

We have built up a great team of staff and we even have our own dental technician so that we can create our own dentures, crowns, bridges and dental braces. Our dental staff are extremely thorough with every patient, and we check all our patients for any signs of mouth cancer. We make every effort to save your teeth but if we cannot save one and it needs to be extracted, we will advise you on what action to follow afterwards. We also provide the latest dental implants; one implant can handle up to four prosthetic teeth in a row. If you require a full set of teeth we can accommodate you using just four dental implants. We all know the importance of a confident smile and if you suffer from a dental misalignment condition, we can help you with invisible braces. If you want to whiten your teeth let us do it for you safely ensuring that you do not cause any gum damage. Repairing cracked, chipped or discoloured teeth, with veneers can be easily done at Widnes Dental Practice.

Pamper yourself

For your skin and body, we have the latest body care treatments and if you want non-surgical anti-wrinkle or dermal filler treatment our well trained staff are here to help you look revitalised and youthful.


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