Visit your dentist in Widnes for a healthy smile

People quite often notice your smile first, before making unconscious decisions about what kind of personality they believe you to have. While you may take good care of your teeth and maintain proper oral hygiene, sometimes the natural flaws in your smile can make you a little less confident to smile as brightly as you should be able to.

Speak to your dentist in Widnes and get that smile you have always wanted. There are fast and effective treatments that can set your smile right, regardless of your dental condition, your age or your budget.

You may have difficulty laughing or smiling when you don’t feel confident about your teeth. Consequently, it significantly affects your self-esteem and even your physical health. Come in and speak to us about what we can offer you.

A smile makeover is waiting for you

It is difficult to ignore a chipped or cracked front tooth. Eyes are unfortunately drawn to dental flaws, especially when they are positioned in your front teeth that are so very visible when you smile.

Porcelain veneers are able to cover these flaws in a fast and very effective way. If your teeth are stained, chipped, slightly misaligned or are in any way unsightly and leave you feeling ashamed to smile, then there is a great chance that veneers can give you that picture-perfect smile in an instant.

When your dentist in Widnes fits veneers, they first need to remove a very thin layer of your tooth enamel before placing the veneers over the existing tooth. This may increase sensitivity for the first few days, but this should gradually subside after a few days. We can discuss with you during our initial assessment whether we believe it is safe for you to remove your enamel and even if the veneer option is beneficial in protecting your sensitive teeth.

We help you to choose the right kind of veneer that will suit your smile. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get your desired results. Choose from just one or two, or enjoy an entire smile makeover, the choice is yours here and we will ensure that your new teeth blend in naturally.

What other options are available?

Some people have severely stained teeth that discourage them from smiling or being confident about how they look.For example, your teeth may be yellowing if you regularly use tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, or soda.

Foods such as curry, tomato sauce, beetroot and berries can also discolour teeth if eaten excessively. Even some medications or dental treatments can have a negative impact. If your teeth are severely stained, don’t shy away from visiting us for a range of solutions.

Severely discoloured teeth may r