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Tips for first time patients visiting their dentist in Widnes

Visiting the practice for an appointment is a normal part of a lot our patients’ routines, but for first-timers that trip can seem a little daunting. So to help welcome new visitors, our team have come up with a few tips to make the process of visiting the dentist in Widnes a little easier.

Talk to the team

One of the simplest things you can do ahead of your appointment is to just call up the practice and chat to our team about your visit to see a dentist in Widnes. This will let you get to know our staff, build up a rapport and learn any vital information you may need about your upcoming trip to come see us. At Widnes Dental Practice our team provide a warm and welcoming environment to all our new patients as we help you make that smile stay strong and healthy well into your twilight years.

Know the route

On the topic of getting lost, make sure that you know the route ahead of time. Try to find out what the roads are like, if there are any closures that might delay you and if there are alternate methods of transport near where you stay. You can get a lot of useful information from Google's mapping tool as well as what the traffic is like when you are about to leave, so try to use that to your advantage if you can.

Leave early

On the day of your appointment it’s always a good idea to leave a little earlier than you normally would. This lets you work around changes to your trip, such as unexpected traffic, delays due to road closures or if you just accidentally get lost on the way in. Try to give yourself enough time to easily get to the practice on time for your appointment as missing out on a visit, especially that important first one, is the last thing you want.

Give enough notice for cancellations

If you are not going to make that appointment because you are going to be late or various other reasons, then do try to give as much notice as you can beforehand. Letting our team that you won’t be able to make it allows us to open your space to other patients as well as provide you with an alternate appointment that might better suit you.

Try to stay relaxed

Above all, the most important thing our first time patients can do is to just stay relaxed. A visit to the practice to see your dentist should always be a positive experience, so try to remain calm, we’re here to help after all.

If you’re struggling to keep the anxiety at bay we recommend trying relaxing breathing techniques, listening to music during your visit or bringing along a familiar face such as a relative or partner to keep those nerves under wraps.

These are just a few tips for first time patients coming to our practice. If you are still unsure on what you need to bring, where you need to go or for general advice about the practice just get in touch with our team for a chat.


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