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Looking for a new dental practice?

If you can’t remember the last time you visited a dental practice, it is highly likely you are overdue a dental check up.

Many dental practices offer a range of high quality dental treatments from routine dental examinations to cosmetic dental treatments.

So if you are based in Widnes and are considering cosmetic dental treatment, why not book a consultation at a dental practice where a dentist is Widnes will be able to assist you.

Dental practices in Widnes

When visiting a dental practice in Widnes, you will notice that their aim is to ensure that your experience with them is not only professional but a comfortable and relaxed one too. Dental practices understand that there may be anxiety attached to visiting their practice, especially if you have not seen a dentist in Widnes in a while, which is why the team of dental professionals aim to ensure they are also providing a high standard of oral care through, education and training.

What to expect as a new patient

If you are visiting a dental practice in Widnes for the first time, at your first appointment, you will be invited to have a dental check. You will be asked to bring any medication you are currently on and provide us with. This is because some medications have side effects that can affect your dental health so it is important to let the dentist in Widnes know what you have been prescribed so it can be taken into account during the dental check.

The purpose of this dental check is to assess the health of your teeth and the current condition of your mouth and gums. You will also be screened for oral cancer and the dentist will take photographs and/or x-rays of your teeth and gums.

Following this the dentist will discuss with you any treatment options should you need it, or alternatively if your teeth and oral health is good, will advise you to book a routine dental appointment in the future.

If needed, you may be advised to book an appointment with a dental hygienist. Dental hygiene appointments are also considered important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums and it is recommended that patients book regular hygiene appointments with the dental hygienist to ensure their teeth remain clean and free from plaque.

If you are asked to see the dental hygienist, at the hygiene appointment your teeth will first be assessed in order for the hygienist to identify how much plaque needs to be removed from your teeth. Following this, your teeth will then be professionally cleaned using a process known as ‘scaling and polishing’. The hygienist will use special equipment and pastes to reach areas of the mouth that are harder to brush and more likely to have plaque build-up. The dental hygienist will also use the appointment as an opportunity to provide advice on how best to brush your teeth and how to ensure your teeth, gums and mouth remains healthy.


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