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Is a root canal worthwhile? Find out from your dentist at Widnes Dental

If you were to type into a search engine the advantages of any cosmetic dental procedure, chances are you would find more than a few websites discussing the benefits of everything from oral implants to Invisalign.

And of course, while these are remarkable procedures that can improve your smile and your chewing habits, there are a few treatments you can have which accomplish these two goals, while also being considered general dental care. Unfortunately, these treatments are less than popular with most patients!

Known as endodontics to dental professionals, these treatments involve the preservation of a damaged tooth with no extraction and no aesthetic alteration, allowing you to keep your smile intact without resorting to oral implants. So, what is the common name for this treatment? A root canal.

At Widnes Dental Practice, our dentist in Widnes has helped many patients keep their teeth and oral hygiene in top shape by performing root canals, bypassing the need for extraction. With almost instantaneous relief from any potential discomfort without overly invasive procedures, root canals can restore the appearance of your smile, while adding strength and functionality.

But what are the other advantages of allowing our dentist in Widnes to perform a root canal over an extraction? Read on to find out!

Prevents infection from spreading

If it has been suggested by our dentist in Widnes that you would benefit from a root canal, chances are you have either recently had a collision or an infection.

In the same way that infections can spread across the body, they can spread between teeth, causing damage to the roots and tissue. A root canal removes the infected debris from the pulp, preventing the infection from spreading any further.

Prevents jawbone loss

When you have a tooth removed, the gum will recede as it has nothing to hold in place. So will the jawbone, and this is where the issues may begin.

Jawbone loss can cause any surrounding teeth to move, and protrude at unusual angles. As a root canal prevents the removal of a tooth, this issue is bypassed and avoids any future orthodontic treatments.

Pain relieving

It goes without saying that dental infections are painful.

While you may have heard that root canals are also uncomfortable, once performed, they actually reduce the discomfort linked to the underlying infection. And once you leave our surgery, you will not have to worry about food finding its way into the open socket that would come with an extraction.


As mentioned before, root canals actually restore the integrity of the afflicted tooth and can strengthen it, allowing you to bite into foods as you did before endodontics were performed. With a fitting time of about an hour, they are also promptly fitted. As root canals are usually topped with either a white filling or a crown, they look natural too!


A correctly fitted root canal should last the rest of your life, making them a very durable option if your tooth is infected or damaged due to a collision.


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