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A welcoming smile

There are all number of reasons why you may need to visit the dentist. At Widnes Dental Practice, we understand that a visit to the dentist - however necessary - can often be a stressful and trying time for many. We also understand the importance, to a great number of our patients, of the fact they are comfortable and familiar with the practitioner who is treating them. As such, we are a dentist in Widnes who makes it our duty to greet every patient who crosses the threshold of our practice with a warm, welcoming smile and a relaxed environment in which they feel they are thoroughly and properly looked after and cared for. Our trained and professional practitioners understand that dental anxiety can manifest itself in many ways, and is not something which is only limited to affecting children. As such, we have tailored our practice in a number of ways to make it as relaxing and welcoming an environment as possible.

Dental implant treatment

At Widnes Dental Practice, each of our services provided by our dentist in Widnes is tailored specifically to fit the individual and unique requirements of each patient. No two services are completely identical. This is particularly true for those who seek out dental implants from one of our cosmetic dentistry specialists. Dental implants are a permanent and durable solution for those patients who have lost one or more teeth completely. They fully restore the patient's ability to speak, chew and smile to their heart's content, and look and feel almost completely identical to natural teeth. Whilst other available options to replace missing teeth - such as bridges or crowns - are effective enough in their ultimate goal, they often lack the strength or integrity that dental implants have and generally require multiple return trips to the dental chair as time goes on. With implants however, the problem is solved at it’s very core. This is achieved by creating an artificial, titanium-alloy root, which is surgically embedded within the patient's jawbone. The root then fuses itself within the bone of the patient, into which a replica tooth is fixed in place. As such, they are a permanent, structural solution to missing teeth which is as close as dental science has got to completely replacing missing teeth.

Teeth whitening

Another cosmetic dentistry solution which we provide here at Widnes Dental Practice, is cosmetic teeth whitening. In recent years, we are a dentist in Widnes who has noted a significant rise in interest and engagement around cosmetic whitening, and we are happy to be brightening up the smiles of so many new patients. Cosmetic whitening is designed to get rid of any superficial marks or stains to a patient's teeth, and bring a natural whiteness to their smile. The effects can often have a massively positive impact on a patient's self-esteem and outward confidence. At Widnes Dental Practice, we provide a perfectly safe and effective form of in-practice whitening, whereby a custom-made mould of each patient's teeth is initially constructed, into which a peroxide-based bleaching gel is inserted. The retainer is then worn over the patient's teeth, and begins to melt away any staining on their enamel and gradually brighten their teeth to the desired shade - without causing any damage to their enamel or oral health.