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An introduction to our clinic; Widnes Dental Practice

Situated in Halton, North West England, Widnes is considered to be a popular residential area filled with Edwardian and Victorian period properties, as well as the newly introduced developments in Sandringham Gardens, Regency Park, Ascot Gardens and Waterford Chase to name but a few. Situated along the north bank of the Mersey, Widnes is filled with high street shops and boutiques for the shopping needs of the residents.

Widnes also hosts many local businesses and services for its residents, to ensure that they can access treatment whenever necessary.

So if you are in need of dental treatment, you can visit your local dentist in Widnes; Widnes Dental Practice.

About Widnes Dental Practice

Led by our principal dentist Raymond Cheung, Widnes Dental Practice is made up of a dedicated team of dental professionals who possess a wide range of clinical knowledge and who are passionate about learning new and innovative techniques. We like to ensure that our patients are able to benefit from the variety of treatments we have to offer at our practice.

At Widnes Dental Practice we offer preventive measures including treatments for dental hygiene and sensitive teeth; general treatments including root canal therapy; and cosmetic dentistry which includes orthodontics, teeth whitening and veneers. So if you are considering a dentist in Widnes to provide a treatment in one of the above categories, then Widnes Dental Practice is the place to come to.

What is preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry refers to the practice of taking care of your teeth in order to keep them healthy and prevent such things as cavities, enamel wear and gum disease.

At our practice, Widnes Dental, we offer a wide array of treatments including those to maintain healthy gums and our dentist in Widnes also helps our patients with fresh breath, dental hygiene and sensitive teeth as mentioned earlier.

Do you suffer with sensitive teeth?

A common problem for many individuals, tooth sensitivity is usually when you experience either a mild or sharp and intense reaction to either a temperature change, (for example having a very cold drink) or when eating food which is considered either very sweet and/or very acidic.

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, this may mean that you are not able to enjoy foods such as ice cream or even hot food and drinks, for example hot chocolate and coffee. These are also considered triggers for tooth sensitivity, which can also include brushing your teeth incorrectly or eating acidic foods, such as apples or oranges. If this is you, and you are finding the sensitivity of your teeth hard to deal with, we advise you to book an appointment at our practice to see our dentist in Widnes.

How to treat tooth sensitivity

At your appointment with our dentist in Widnes, you will have an examination during which the dentist will look at your teeth to identify any reasons as to why you are experiencing sensitive teeth.

Most of the teeth can be affected by tooth sensitivity however those most likely to be affected are in the front corners of the mouth. This is because these teeth tend to be brushed more vigorously, which can sometimes result in the enamel protecting the them being worn away.


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