A bridal package at a dentist in Widnes

Whether your big day is a whole year or just a few months away, at Widnes Dental Practice we know that you want to be as prepared as possible for your event, and we’re not just talking about the dress and flowers, we mean your lovely self. Whether you want to enhance your smile or treat your skin and body to a full make-over, our dentist in Widnes is here to help you enhance all your features, so that you look your best at your wedding and in the photos that will last a lifetime.


There is no doubt that a crooked and dull smile can ruin an otherwise lovely photograph, but there are solutions that can help you change all that at our dentist in Widnes

Long term solution

If you still have a few months, you may want to look into getting an Invisalign treatment that discreetly straightens teeth in 4-9 months, depending on the severity of the misalignment to begin with. This treatment is painless and with the time you have you can rest assured you will have straight teeth on the big day.

Quick solution

If you only have a matter of weeks before the wedding, then porcelain veneers are a quick and elegant - albeit permanent - solution to getting straight white teeth. This treatment can be done in the matter of two appointments and guarantees perfect teeth at the end of it.


If you have recently straightened your natural teeth or already have a gorgeous smile, but want to have a final enhancement to get them looking beautiful, then a quick whitening treatment will be beneficial to you.


If you have planned well then you still have many months to improve your skin and body at our dentist in Widnes. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that happens overnight so you need to give yourself enough time for effective results, but we have a treatment for all of your concerns.

Fat reduction